Why to read The Hindu Newspaper
The Hindu Paper Clearly differentiate between News and Opinions. The Hindu News Paper gives Priority to areas of National Concern & usually avoid masala news items/trivial issues. But If you want to read it fully then it takes you too much time(usually four to five hours) & UPSC candidates do not have so much time to give newspaper reading only, So you Have to read it in a smart way , you should read the each and every word carefully and also each and every aspect of it will be covered. Your Vocabulary & Communication Skills will good by developing the habit of daily reading of the newspaper especially The Hindu. In India, the Hindu is the first choice for every aspirant of UPSC. Also, Its a very essential newspaper for UPSC aspirants. because it covers every issue of India as well as the World. also, the Hindu editorial gives a special view of UPSC aspirants. The Hindu Newspaper also Cover Firstly, National news like government statements not political, policies, initiatives, Secondly, International news like treaties, agreements, disputes, but no accidents, deaths. Thirdly, Economy news with special stress to technical terms. Moreover, Science and technology ePaper with real-life applications from the UPSC point of view. And, Environment and biodiversity news from the UPSC point of view.